Are you thinking of Buying or Selling?


Selling Your Property:

When it's time to sell you need a broker who understands the market and can advise you on Values, Marketing and putting a plan in place with your interests first! Please feel free to message me with a quick summary of your situation and I will go to work on getting you updated Values and strategy for a successful sale!!  Keep in mind that our housing market is in strong demand right now, and I understand the desire to maximize net proceeds and minimize the hassle. With low inventories and high demand, your property will sell for top $$ and we will work together on matching you with the right buyer and terms! 

Buying Your Property:

When it's time to buy you need a broker who understands the difficulties and challenges of our market. I often have ideas/solutions that can help you in this process. Please keep in mind it's challenging on the buying side right now, so be prepared for multiple offers, pre-inspections, offer review deadlines, etc. It's important to be prepared and have done necessary mortgage planning up front before writing offers.  I also have access to off market opportunities, so it's best if we can connect and discuss further. I will help you navigate this process, and make a smooth transition!  

Relocation / Vacation Rental

If you are relocating and need advice on local short term rentals, please let me know.  I have access to several properties in the city that you will love!  

There are lots of agents and gadgets out there, but I pride myself in getting the job done right no matter how difficult!! Bring your desired outcomes and I will get it done for you!! Contact me. (206) 446-7566